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Okay, so this is my first post here at Dreamwidth. Just so there's no confusion, I'm Gretchen (gretchystretchy) on LJ. I don't know why I decided to get a different name on here, but there you go. This is weird - starting a new blog, that is. Aside from my Xanga (lulz - it was the cool thing to have in my school back in 2003, okay? XD) from back in early high school, my LJ was my one and only blog for 5 years. I'm still trying to get used everything here, which is why my journal looks like crap at the moment.

Because I'm a creature of habit, I'll most likely be spending most of my blogging time over there at LJ...but I decided to jump on the DW bandwagon because 1) I'm thinking of using it to back up my LJ entries, should something ever happen, 2) I don't want to be left out if, for whatever reason, all my LJ friends and comms decide to move over here, and 3) I couldn't resist being a sheep.
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Hey! Thanks for adding me! :)